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My family has always tried to have specials whenever possible to accommodate some of our customers that look forward to enjoying one of their favorite meals on a certain day of the week . We have been doing this for many years and we are now going to make every attempt to carry on this tradition. We are going to post our specials, in a manner that follows as close as possible to those special cards that we used to slip into our diner menu on the night before we prepared them.

Please understand, that due to market conditions at the present time we cannot guarantee the availability of the items listed on the days when we usually prepare them, and obviously we can't keep putting them up and taking them down again. Once they are posted we will do the best we can to adhere to the schedule. A simple phone call after looking at the menu will give us the opportunity to confirm your selection.

These are difficult days for a great many of our customers, friends and fellow New Yorkers. We are very pleased with the fact that many of our customers, that would ordinarily be here several times a week have chosen to continue their patronage via our pickup and delivery options. We have been told by many of you that it works both ways, given the fact that all of us benefit from our continued relationship. The management and all the employees are looking forward to a time when we can once again be reunited. Until that time we wish you all much health and happiness, please keep yourself safe at all times.